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Take That Derelique!

Posted in Featured Artists, Gallery Launches on October 28, 2010 by thesugarmill

Relax this isn’t actually a post about ‘Take That’ and the dramas surrounding their come back tour, i just couldn’t resist putting this picture in seeing as the title of this post had ‘Take That’ in it.

What i’m really writing about is the Absolut Stairwell Galleries latest exhibition ‘Trashin’ Fashion‘ which is coming up on November the 11th. See i was just doing a bit of word and image play there so relax, crisis averted.

What’s that you say ? What in the sam hill is ‘Trashin’ Fashion‘ ?

I thought you’d never ask…

Trashin’ Fashion‘ is the inaugural event for the brand spanking new creative brand ‘The it. Collective‘.

The Brains behind ‘The it. Collective.‘ are branding and marketing strategist Olivia Corvett, reversible denim innovator Kassandra Scardino and social snapper and blogger, Steven Mileski.

The it. Collective strives to create and promote creative works from talent spanning all design mediums and crafts. Already they have received a flock of interest from young photographers, designers, artists and performers seeking to stretch their wings into new projects that promote their art down alternative avenues.

Trashin’ Fashion! will be  exhibiting at Sugarmill’s Stairwell Gallery on 11th November, expect an eyesore of elaborate nail art by Australia’s Overall winner at the 2010 Nail Art Awards, Olga Menshikova, nails, false nails customised into costume jewellery by trash to treasure jeweller Peter Jones, waterproof drawstring ‘trash bag’ totes printed with eco-conscious trash-related slogans by graphic artist Laura Ives, a show-stopping piece by macramé crafter Yin Chuah of jewellery label Yinjoux and dynamic iconographic photographs by film maker Alex Weltlinger and resident shooter Mileski.

So make sure you come down and be a part of ‘Trashin’ Fashion‘. Whether your a buding; artist, photographer, clothes designer, performer, graphic designer or your just plain curious, you will be certain to enjoy this exhibition we have in store for you.

Who: The it. Collective

What: Trashin’ Fashion

When: Thursday, 11th of November

Where: The Absolut Stairwell Gallery @ The Sugarmill in Kings Cross,

Why: cos if you don’t you’ll fell empty inside and you’ll be sad for a while and try to fill the hole you have with food, but that will only make it worst so in short, it’s just better if you come.

As always RSVP is essential –


One more sleep! till Pedestrian.Tv host the Stairwell Gallery

Posted in Featured Artists, Gallery Launches on February 10, 2010 by thesugarmill

Hey Everyone! 

So there is only one more sleep and this month at the Absolut Stairwell gallery is looking to be the biggest yet! 

Below we’ve put together  some images from some of the artists exhibiting this month so check them out and see what has in store for you! 

Also don’t forget that Circle Pit with be performing tomorrow night at the Opening. 

And last but not least don’t forget to RSVP to 

get your RSVP in before 12 midday on the 11th of February to ensure you get in! 

1. Andy Harwood.


2. Sarah Larnach.

3. Anwen Keeling.


4. James Jirat Patradoon.


5. Ted O’Donnell.


Come down the the Stairwell gallery on Thursday the 11th of February to check these artists out along with Jacob Ring, Aldous Massie, Luis Martinez, Seamus Heidenreich and Robbie Whitehead! 





Dialogue PR 

Calling All Artists!!

Posted in Featured Artists on February 1, 2010 by thesugarmill

Hello Operator? 

We are back and feeling good because this year is gonna be a doozie for the Absolut Stairwell Gallery!

In February we have the next exhibition coming to town, and this month,  Australia’s FINEST (yer i said it!) Art/Culture/Entertainment portal is hosting the party for us! 


 We will have more information on that very soon but first we have another very special announcement to tell you all about 

Dialogue PR along with the Absolut Stairwell Gallery are looking for young Artists to flaunt their stuff later this year when the good people at Dialogue host their own exhibition at the hallowed halls of the Stairwell Gallery.


So if your intertested (which you should be :)) get in contact with us @


What ever your style is, what ever your medium, what ever your inspiration or subject matter is get in contact with us ASAP! 

Well actually is you paint or draw or stencil on animals we might have a little problem because of OH&S and also if you plan on using cows as a medium then you might want to think again cos there are lots of stairs … the stairwell (funny that) so it could cause some logistical problems 🙂 

So in other words……




Dialogue PR

Featured Artists

Posted in Featured Artists on August 25, 2009 by thesugarmill

‘The Movement’ – Stairwell Graffiti August 2009 (ongoing installment) – August 2009
Ben Frost – August 2009
Shannon Crees – September 2009

Cara Stricker – November 2009 

Roach – Stairwell Graffiti  November 2009 (ongoing installment)

Numbskull – Stairwell Graffiti November 2009 (ongoing installment)