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Take That Derelique!

Posted in Featured Artists, Gallery Launches on October 28, 2010 by thesugarmill

Relax this isn’t actually a post about ‘Take That’ and the dramas surrounding their come back tour, i just couldn’t resist putting this picture in seeing as the title of this post had ‘Take That’ in it.

What i’m really writing about is the Absolut Stairwell Galleries latest exhibition ‘Trashin’ Fashion‘ which is coming up on November the 11th. See i was just doing a bit of word and image play there so relax, crisis averted.

What’s that you say ? What in the sam hill is ‘Trashin’ Fashion‘ ?

I thought you’d never ask…

Trashin’ Fashion‘ is the inaugural event for the brand spanking new creative brand ‘The it. Collective‘.

The Brains behind ‘The it. Collective.‘ are branding and marketing strategist Olivia Corvett, reversible denim innovator Kassandra Scardino and social snapper and blogger, Steven Mileski.

The it. Collective strives to create and promote creative works from talent spanning all design mediums and crafts. Already they have received a flock of interest from young photographers, designers, artists and performers seeking to stretch their wings into new projects that promote their art down alternative avenues.

Trashin’ Fashion! will be  exhibiting at Sugarmill’s Stairwell Gallery on 11th November, expect an eyesore of elaborate nail art by Australia’s Overall winner at the 2010 Nail Art Awards, Olga Menshikova, nails, false nails customised into costume jewellery by trash to treasure jeweller Peter Jones, waterproof drawstring ‘trash bag’ totes printed with eco-conscious trash-related slogans by graphic artist Laura Ives, a show-stopping piece by macramé crafter Yin Chuah of jewellery label Yinjoux and dynamic iconographic photographs by film maker Alex Weltlinger and resident shooter Mileski.

So make sure you come down and be a part of ‘Trashin’ Fashion‘. Whether your a buding; artist, photographer, clothes designer, performer, graphic designer or your just plain curious, you will be certain to enjoy this exhibition we have in store for you.

Who: The it. Collective

What: Trashin’ Fashion

When: Thursday, 11th of November

Where: The Absolut Stairwell Gallery @ The Sugarmill in Kings Cross,

Why: cos if you don’t you’ll fell empty inside and you’ll be sad for a while and try to fill the hole you have with food, but that will only make it worst so in short, it’s just better if you come.

As always RSVP is essential –


Oh What a Night! Mid ….February ….something something Arts Degree ……

Posted in Gallery Launches on March 8, 2010 by thesugarmill

Ok so Although Frankie Valli Lyrics may no be entirely relavant in reference to the latest Stairwell Gallery Exhibition. 


It was still a Cracker of a night ! 


Dialogue Pr on behalf of the Absolut Stairwell Gallery would like to thank All the Artists for their amazing works, everyone at for all their hard work, Circle Pit for bringing down the house and everyone that came down to celebrate with us.

Below we’ve compiled a collection of works from the night for you all to enjoy. We’ll also be putting up some social snaps very shortly so stay tuned for those as well. 

For more information on the Absolut Stairwell Gallery or purchase of works please contact:


A Selection of 

‘State Of The Art’

Exhibition Works

(Held Feb 13th)




Anwen Keeling, The Letter


oil on linen

101 x 142 cm 

Courtesy the artist and Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney

$11,500 + GST




I wanted to make an image inspired by my favourite past-time of Karaoke and my favourite Karaoke song, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Isn’t It Midnight’. In the end, it became more about the mythology of fame and how if you die a rockstar you live forever, I interpreted this literally with a corpse clinging to fame with his cold dead hands.

90 x 110 cm
Ultrachrome Pigmented inks on Hahnemuhle German Etch 310gsm
Edition of 12
$400 Unframed
$700 Framed 




I drew this after watching a Rocky marathon, by the end of the movies he would always be really messed up and it wouldn’t be scary or unsettling because heroic music was playing, blood and injuries are the true barometer for masculinity.

76 x 107 cm
5 Colour screenprint on 350gsm Arches 88
Edition of 6
$500 Unframed
$800 Framed



Andy Harwood, Drunk Struggling To Focus Thirteen


acrylic with oil glaze on canvas

120 x 120cm


Andy Harwood 26, is an emerging artist who lives and works in Brisbane. Late 2008, Andy founded Love Love Studio in Newstead where he works from and curates regular shows.

He has had both solo and group exhibitions around Australia including recent body of work Drunk Struggling To Focus shown at Jugglers Artspace in Brisbane. In this particular series, loose washy brushwork with competing focal points aim to portray a feeling of eerie light-headedness. 

Currently working on his next body of work Fragmented Anxiety, Andy has evolved from this unstructured style, now revealing gritty and layered geometric shapes with a feeling of puzzling fragility, and shattered pains. 

Andy continues to showcase his appreciation of escapism, and through his art challenges the viewer not be ignorant of social issues that many hope to avoid.



Ted O’Donnell, Untitled


Lambda Print

59.4 x 84.1cm



Jacob Ring, Tunnel


Double exposure on 35mm film

59.4 x 84.1cm



Sarah Larnach, Same Teens Different


watercolour on paper

57 x 43cm



Luis Martinez, Warren Ellis


oil on canvas

85 x 85 cm

Courtesy the artist and Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney (Ph 9380 5663). 

$2,900 + GST


Seamus Heidenreich, Two Wrongs Make A Monster


ink and gouache on Archers cotton paper

 43 x 60cm




Robbie Whitehead, Teds Stopped Developing Film


35mm film photograph on fujiflex paper

42 x 54.9cm 



Anwen Keeling, Spellbound


oil on linen
87 x 128 cm
Courtesy the artist and Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney

$8,500 + GST




One more sleep! till Pedestrian.Tv host the Stairwell Gallery

Posted in Featured Artists, Gallery Launches on February 10, 2010 by thesugarmill

Hey Everyone! 

So there is only one more sleep and this month at the Absolut Stairwell gallery is looking to be the biggest yet! 

Below we’ve put together  some images from some of the artists exhibiting this month so check them out and see what has in store for you! 

Also don’t forget that Circle Pit with be performing tomorrow night at the Opening. 

And last but not least don’t forget to RSVP to 

get your RSVP in before 12 midday on the 11th of February to ensure you get in! 

1. Andy Harwood.


2. Sarah Larnach.

3. Anwen Keeling.


4. James Jirat Patradoon.


5. Ted O’Donnell.


Come down the the Stairwell gallery on Thursday the 11th of February to check these artists out along with Jacob Ring, Aldous Massie, Luis Martinez, Seamus Heidenreich and Robbie Whitehead! 





Dialogue PR 

Extra Extra Read ALL About It! Pedestrian.Tv Set to Take Stairwell By Storm!

Posted in Gallery Launches on February 2, 2010 by thesugarmill


We’re back! bigger than ever and ready to rock your art loving world Sydney! 

This month we’ve got a very special treat for you and i know what your thinking……. your worried your gonna get sensory diabetes from all these treats we keep giving you but we can’t help it we’re like a sweet little old granny who only sees her grand kids a couple of times a year. What i’m trying to say is we just can’t help spoiling you because we love you so much! 🙂


So anyway, this month’s treat comes in the form of the one, the only PEDESTRIAN.TV!


PEDESTRIAN.TV is a pop culture website that provides daily news on the latest in fashion, music, celebrity, beauty, art, design and events and this month they are hosting a one off event at the Stairwell Gallery: 





‘State of The Art’ will see a selection of ten outstanding Australian based artists grace the walls of the Absolut Stairwell Gallery. 

In curating the gallery this month, the Pedestrian teams aim was to unearth some of the most ground breaking young artists working in Australia today. With this goal in mind the pedestrian team has hand picked ten artists to exhibit this month.

To add to this stella line up of young artists this month at the Stairwell Gallery, Pedestrian.TV is happy to announce that the band of the moment ‘Circle Pit’ will play live at the launch. Circle Pit are a hardcore-punk band from Sydney. The band was formed by Angela Bermuda and Jack Mannix with a revolving lineup of supporting musicians. They have been playing together since early 2007, and have gained a loyal fan base ever since. They were recently chosen by New York band the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s to support them on their national tour.

As I said before is gonna take the Stairwell Gallery by storm this month!! and if i havent convinced  you yet perhaps a visual aid with tip you over the edge. 


What we have here  is a textbook ‘Culture Storm’, now what’s happening is multiply elements of art and culture are colliding at the exact same point at the exact same time. If you look at the right of the image you can see a easterly blowing  a high concentration of Pedestrian ‘awesomeness’   directly into a westerly blowing Dialogue PR ‘Rad’ storm. If you look closer you can see a yellow glow at the bottom left corner, now what that is is a social anomaly  caused by whats called a ‘Circle Pit’. When this combines with the Pedestrian/Dialogue  storm we see heavy doses of fun and excitement result from the collision of these three forces.

So if you want to be there when these three forces collide, be at this exact location at this exact time to get in on the excitement.


Exhibition launch details

When: Thursday, 11th of Febuaruy, 2010 from 6 – 9pm

Exhibition will continue until the late March 2010

All works are available for purchase 

Where: Sugarmill stairwell, 33 – 37 Darlinghurst Road Downtown Kings Cross


RSVP is essential. 

Please RSVP to:


Check out below to get a taste of what the Stairwell Gallery has in store for you this month. 


James Jirat Patradoon – Born in 1985 in Thailand and raised in Sydney, Australia on a super-diet of cartoons, comic books, and sci-fi movies. James’ work explores his take on fantasy hyper-masculinity with  portraits inspired by Japanese Manga, slasher movie villains, pro  wrestlers, biker gangs, and Elvis. His intense comic book styled images have appeared in magazines such  as ESPN, Complex, Acclaim, Empty and ILOVEFAKE. As well as  in collaborations with Adidas, Diesel, MTV, PepsiCo and Mambo. 



Luis Martinez- Sydney-based painter. Luis will be presenting one of his early works, a painting of Warren Ellis from The Dirty Three. His more recent series of artworks focus on the houses of Western Sydney, which has been his home since moving from El Salvador.

Sarah Larnach- Sydney-based illustrator/painter. Sarah is best known for producing Ladyhawke’s album and single artwork, as well as working on Ladyhawke’s videos. Sarah works primarily in watercolours and has an extremely distinct style.


Also check out Circle Pit at their Myspace





Dialogue PR




Seasons Greetings From The Stairwell Gallery!

Posted in Gallery Launches on December 4, 2009 by thesugarmill

If you don’t know who HoboGestapo is you should probably think about moving out from under that rock of yours and if you don’t know about The Absolut Stairwell Gallery…. how did you find this blog??

This month we’ve got an early christmas present for you that is gonna be something special.

When the Planeteers join their forces together they made ‘Captain Planet’, well imagine what’s gonna happen when Dialogue PR, Sugarmill, Absolut, Dead Space Living Artists &  HoboGestapo join forces! I think we’re gonna invent a new colour or something, but whatever happens we’ve just got to roll with it cos it’s gonna be something good 🙂 

HoboGestapo is ‘a project documenting nightlife, music and fashion in Australia and the World’, and in December they are sharing with us a retrospective of their year with a selection of works from their 10 photographers. 

Come down and check out the Exhibition Launch on Wednesday the 16th December @ The Sugarmill, Downtown Kings Cross.

The Launch goes from 6pm till 9pm with complimentary drinks and food till 8pm. 

Make sure you RSVP names to: to ensure you get in!

The Exhibition will be up in the Stairwell at Sugarmill from December 17th till January 25th.

All works are available for purchase on the the night and also till January 25th contact for all purchase enquires.

Also scroll down to  check out a little preview of what’s in store for the launch.



Dialogue PR

Cara Stricker @ The Stairwell Gallery

Posted in Gallery Launches on October 26, 2009 by thesugarmill

Dancing On My Bed

There is never too much creativity for us to take in. So when we find those talented individuals that are bouncing around with an abundance of brilliant ideas we are happy to bring them to the ABSOLUT Stairwell Gallery for all to enjoy!

Sydney’s premiere art space, the ABSOLUT Stairwell Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of a photographic exhibition by Cara Stricker –



Inspired by music, Stricker has developed a photographic exhibition that will take you into the shadows of the music world. With a showcase of photos taken from her insight into the festivals, rock concerts and intimate performances of the music world including London, New York and beyond. With her dreamy film-esque photographs you will be taken on a ride through the emotion, characters and settings that make the music industry one of the most enchanting in the world.

Complementing Stricker’s exhibition will be graffiti murals by renown Sydney artists Numskull and Roach. With music supplied by Strickmachine, Nicky Night Time and Holiday Sidewinder.




When: Thursday, 5th of November, 2009 from 6 –9pm.

Exhibition will continue until the 11th of December.

Where: Sugarmill stairwell, 33 –37 Darlinghurst Road Downtown Kings Cross

ABSOLUT cocktails for all on arrival!!

RSVP essential to

We look forward to seeing on at the Launch


The Dialogue Crew.


_______Take Shannon Home With You!_______

Posted in Gallery Launches on October 12, 2009 by thesugarmill

Did you love Shannon’s work but didn’t know how to make a purchase on the night?

Did you come to your senses a day later and are now kicking yourself because you didn’t make a purchase?

Didn’t make it to the Launch?

Are you an avid collector of Contemporary Art but you find your collection lacking the presence of one (or maybe two) piece/s by a world renowned sydney born artist?

If you’ve answered yes to one (or maybe two) of these questions then we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Below you will find the entire catalogue of Shannon’s works that are currently on display at the Absolut Stairwell Gallery @ The Sugar Mill.

The Absolut Stairwell Gallery is currently home to 11 LIMITED EDITION – light box prints by Shannon Crees.

Each artwork in this show is printed onto light box backlit film allowing the print to be illuminated.
 Each is individually signed and the title and edition number can be found on the back of the light box.

If your interested in purchasing any of Shannon’s works currently on display please contact: or call (02) 9368-7333.

Or you can always walk into the Stairwell, grab the attention of a staff member and say “I Want That One!” I Want That One!


'The Wind and The Sea'

TITLE: ‘The wind and the sea’

PRICE: $1,200

MEDIUM: Mixed media on canvas

SIZE: 100 cm X 145 cm, 12 cm deep.


TITLE: ‘Haunted’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep



TITLE: ‘Winter’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep

'Distress and Indifference'


TITLE: ‘Distress and indifference’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep



TITLE: ‘Spring’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep

'Neon City'


TITLE: ‘Neon city’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep

'Last Minute'


TITLE: ‘Last minute’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep



TITLE: ‘Autumn’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep



TITLE: ‘Midnight’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep



TITLE: ‘Summer’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep

'Forest For The Trees'


TITLE: ‘Forest for the trees’

PRICE: $750


SIZE: 32 cm X 98 cm, 12 cm deep


To find out more about Shannon Crees visit and for sales inquires contact: or call (02) 9368-7333.